HVAC Maintenance

Avoid an HVAC System Crash

Sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan in Huntsville or Athens, AL

Craig Comfort Control, LLC offers custom HVAC maintenance plans for homeowners and business owners in the Huntsville, AL area.

Trust us to inspect your residential HVAC system twice a year and repair any minor issues we find. If your business requires more frequent HVAC checkups, we can service your HVAC system monthly, bi-monthly or every six months. We'll make sure your HVAC equipment and air ducts perform at maximum efficiency year-round.

One of the benefits of the maintence contract is you will recieve discounted parts if any repairs are needed during the maintenance appoitment!

Reach out to us right away to discuss your HVAC maintenance needs. We'll prevent minor HVAC issues from snowballing into major repair projects.

What does an HVAC maintenance checkup consist of?

What does an HVAC maintenance checkup consist of?

Craig Comfort Control provides HVAC and air duct maintenance services in Huntsville, AL. During a typical maintenance checkup:

  • We perform a general operation assessment
  • We make sure your thermostat is working properly
  • We inspect your system's electrical connections
  • We test your heating and/or cooling function
  • We do a comprehensive 30 point inspection of your unit
  • We clean your indoor and outdoor coils

Those are just a few of the items on our HVAC and air duct maintenance checklist. Contact us today to sign up for regular HVAC maintenance.

Below you will see a few pictures from our maintenance inspection. The before pictures show dirt, mold and buildup on your system, the after pictures show the vast improvement after a thorough cleaning.